2014 Advent Message from the Rector Fr. Charles Mukuka, OFM Conv.

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For St. Bonaventure University College Community and friends in Zambia and beyond
Advent-SmallTo begin with, our Christian Advent is a season marked by a spiritual time of prayerful waiting, expectation, and preparation during the four weeks before Christmas. This time reminds us of our spiritual preparation for the Lord’s coming on Christmas Day. It also reminds  us of our Lord’s presence in our hearts. Furthermore, it reminds us of the Lord’s second coming at the end of the world when all will be united in Him.

Well, some of the Advent spiritual themes in preparation for the birth of our Lord include the following, namely; alertness in our daily endeavours in view of watching, waiting, and hoping for the Lord’s second coming commonly known as the Parousia in Greek.

As we continue our Advent preparations, Mother Church reminds us of doing some fasting and penance so as to attune our bodies, minds and soul towards the birth of Jesus who in turn will dispel the darkness of the world. May this light of the world we are waiting for on Christmas Day be a source of our continuous desire in our lives and that we shall all at some point in our lives be able to hear the following words of one of the ancient Greek Philosophers – Aristotle resound in our hearts and minds, “By nature, man desires to know” (Cf. The Metaphysics of Aristole. Book 1, the first line).  To know what? To know the Truth (Cf. The Summa Teologica, Book 1, Question 89, the introduction).  This I do think is one of the major things we are desiring this time around in our lives in the light of St. Augustine who once said that “late have I known you my Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find total rest in you” (Cf. The Confessions of St. Augustine, Book 1, Chapter 1, First Paragraph).

In conclusion, may this Christian period of Advent be a moment of grace to all Christians and all peoples of good will. Have a blessed and fruitful Advent this time around in your lives.  May our Mother of the Lord to be born among us – the Emmanuel – continue to intercede for us all.

Maranatha: Come Lord Jesus
By: Fr. Charles Mukuka, OFM. Conv.
Rector of SBUC