Academically, SBC follows a three philosophy program ( six academic semesters). In this area the college develops an adequate academic formation of the students with regards to problems concerning “the human person, the world, and God”( Sapienza Christiana 78,1). We teach the students the skills of presenting ideas and arguments, of research and investigation, of writing essays and doing assignments. In accordance with the norms of Vatican II for the training of future priests, the College offer Introduction to the Old and New Testaments, Liturgy and Spirituality – in particular Franciscan Spirituality – with an intention of introducing the students to History of Salvation.

In general, SBC, through an organic expression of various parts of philosophy and other allied subjects and Franciscan studies, offers to the students academic formation in philosophical disciplines together with an initiation to human sciences, to spirituality and to theology.

SBC, therefore, provides a holistic program of post novitiate formation which takes into account students’ potential and particular vocation.

The religious and academic aspects of this program are seen as inclusive and complimentary. We believe that this will enable the students to open to the spiritual, intellectual and material needs of the universal Church and of the world.