After meeting the entrance requirements, candidates are admitted either in the faculty of philosophy or in the Institute of formation. The faculty of philosophy offers a BA degree in Philosophy and a Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies. The Institute of Formation offers certificates and diplomas in i) Formation Studies, ii) Psycho-Spirituality and Religious Studies, iii) Psycho-Spirituality and iv) Religious Studies.
At the request of the religious superiors or the candidate, the Rector, in collaboration with the Dean of Studies, may admit certain students to follow a personal program of study for which they may receive a certificate or a diploma showing the subjects passed and the number of credits obtained.

Required Documents:

  1. Application Form duly completed and signed by the Major Superior/Financial guarantor.
  2. Letter of Recommendation from the Major Superior/Religious Leader (pastor/priest etc)
  3. Photocopies of Passport details.
  4. Four Passport-seize Photographs.
  5. Assessment of the applicant by current Formation Director/Academic Referee.
  6. Police Clearance Certificate/Report (for non-Zambians)
  7. Officially authenticated copies of High School/ Grade Twelve School  Certificates

Zambian applicants do not, of course, require a Study Permit. If they do not possess a passport, a copy of the National Identity Card (N.R.C) will suffice for office purpose.

Entrance Requirements
The minimum academic entrance requirement is a full Zambian School Certificate of Education (with 28 aggregate points) or its equivalent for non-Zambian prospective students. This also includes a merit or better in English. A prospective student who does not meet this requirement may be admitted on mature entry basis provided that he/she is above 30 years of age by the time of admission and demonstrates competence for university studies by virtue of previous achievements (work or experience) and provides traceable references or proofs to this effect as may be demanded by the Rector and/or Dean of Studies.

Application and Admission
Applicants are required to duly complete an application form accompanied by a stamped and signed letter of recommendation from their superiors and referee. Other accompanying requirements shall be as stated on the application form including five passport size photos, officially authenticated copies of academic certificates, copies of either the applicant’s passport front and back pages or NRC for Zambians.

Those applicants who would ask for maturity entry may be called for an interview or to take a special test to test their ability to undertake higher studies.