Rev. Fr. Charles Mukuka, OFM Conv.
St. Bonaventure University

Welcome to St. Bonaventure University (SBU)

Thank you for choosing St. Bonaventure University for your undergraduate studies.

With more courses now on offer in the new Institute of Formation and many more to be opened at SBU, you’re sure to find a course of study that will meet and perhaps exceed your expectations. And whatever your course of study, you can be certain the program you select will be of the highest quality. The professional accreditation of specific programs gives you further assurance that these degrees have met recognized international standards.

The Philosophical Faculty and the Institute of Formation at SBU are not just dedicated lecturers, they are also nationally and internationally known scholars and researchers – men and women who have earned the highest degree in their field and still strive to accomplish more.

SBU undergraduate programs prepare you for life, whether that means you enter the workforce in your chosen field or continue your studies at the graduate level. Many programs offer unique learning experiences that draw on community resources. SBU’s small class sizes give you and your professors the opportunity to discuss issues and class assignments, or perhaps even collaborate on a research project.

In our quest to make SBU the best University in Africa we have embarked on some ambitious projects namely; the proposed construction of a modern multi classroom building which will also include a conference center and state of the art computer center. This is in line with our strategic plan for the years 2014-2016. It is anticipated that the student population will increase from 210 to 1500 students per academic year especially after the completion of the modern multi classroom building project. Another project worth mentioning is the proposed construction of new student hostels which is in the Investigation stage of the project cycle. Information Technology (I.T) plays a vital role in education today in areas of research, academics and administration hence, it is for this reason SBU has launched an I.T overhaul project which will see the current local area network and Internet Service Provider (I.S.P) replaced with a much more robust fiber network and I.S.P to improve automation at the University.

The Ministry of Education of the Government of the Republic of Zambia has upgraded SBU from a University College to another private Catholic University making it another Catholic institution of higher learning in Zambia. This is a major milestone in achieving the goals and objectives of the SBU strategic plan. Other notable achievements are the inclusion of Library Cabinets to the John Harding Library, the establishment of a modern boardroom for executive meetings and the design of our very own new traditional graduation gowns.

Your undergraduate experience is more than books and classrooms. The Students’ Union office provides details on how you can get involved in any of the more than 5 student organizations, intramural sports, or other special-interest activities.

University services and support systems are for all students. The recreational facilities at the SBU sports field, informational resources of the John Harding Library and productions at the University Chapel, are just a few of the resources available to you.

With more than 4400 alumni, SBU is the leading provider of spiritual, intellectual power and property to the African region. Together, we can help you reach your personal and career goals through your undergraduate studies at SBU.

Congratulations to new students (freshmen) on your decision to study at SBU and for completing your first academic year at SBU. For me, there will be no more important challenge over the next few years than to ensure that this institution offers you an exceptional university experience. We will provide you with the best possible conditions to succeed; in return you are expected to work hard, be conscientious and accept responsibility for your learning and progress. A hearty welcome to new and old staff members as well. The University will try at all times to give you the best possible support within the available resources. For all the University community; remember that the SBU rules, regulations, systems and structures are all developed to ensure your success and to assist the University with its functions. Be guided by these and show leadership towards the new members and make the University proud of your achievements.

We believe in excellence and above all, we are looking to produce tomorrow’s leaders, mature well-rounded individuals who will lead, actively participate and contribute to society. Again, welcome to SBU and seize the opportunities that come with being a part of the SBU community. Have a fruitful and blessed holiday, see you in the new academic year!

Benedicat Deus,
Rev. Fr. Charles Mukuka
St. Bonaventure University