Word of Welcome

St. Bonaventure University College

From Rector’s Desk: A word of Reflection 2019

Dear management members, Dean of Studies, All staff members, supporting staff, Students and all general workers of St Bonaventure University.
I am greatly honored and humbled to have this opportunity to give a word of welcome to you all in this New Year 2019. We are still in the academic year 2018-2019 that commenced on the 27th August 2018 and reaches its climax on the 17th May 2019. In a special way I would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019. I wish and is also the wish of the management of St Bonaventure University to call everyone to think between the past so that we can gaze toward future prosperity of our university.

It is a call to progressive integral formation both spiritual and intellectual. Let this year 2019 be the year of hard work, great achievements through our humble service to the communities will live in. Let us make a difference by our way of looking positively to the contemporary Social, economic, political, cultural, religious and educational challenges. We are living in the world especially the continent of Africa that is facing mult-crisis just to mention a few; violation of human rights, political instability, youth unemployment, poor infrastructures, lack of commitment on the part of leaders and citizens, diseases, lack of medicine and proper treatment, poor standard of education which does not meet credibility in the competitive market, poor sanitation, etc. There is a litany of misfortunes that the Africa as continent is facing today.

Therefore, It is our intention to call everyone to total commitment both management, senate, board of governors and board of trustees to work together through the guidance of the legitimate policies and norms of the founding Franciscan families and norms and policies of the Zambian Government regarding Higher Education Authority so that we can achieve our goal of quality education in integral formation.

Allow me to underscore the fact that to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of St Bonaventure University quality education, vigilance and unprecedented commitment should be maintained especially with regards the following tenets; the catholic identity of the University, the Franciscan identity of the university, commitment to quality education for both lecturers and students, commitment to research and quality publications which are hallmark of any given university, sustained endeavor to address issues of human resource development, a rational and sustained vision of infrastructure development and fidelity to the vision and mission of the St Bonaventure University.

Actually, we are making history as we progressively grow towards both formative and intellectual maturity. We have to make this year 2019 a fruitful one by offering justly the required standard quality education. I wish you all the best in your endeavors throughout this year 2019.